1. My name is Willa Dorn Lilien.
    Starting off strong. Look at that little smirk. I know something you don't. But you will know EVERYTHING soon!
  2. My birthday is April 8th.
    Feel like I'm hinting at something here...
  3. I will be five.
    Good. I clearly understand how birthdays work.
  4. My mom's name is Sandra and my dad's name is Topper.
    More facts.
  5. His real name is Christopher.
    Some clarification. Solid. But why didn't I divulge the weird facts about my name? Why didn't I include my middle name earlier? The fact that I have two first names?
  6. I like to go shopping at the Farmer's Market with my family.
  7. On the weekend I like to go to weddings and to the beach.
    It's either/or. But like so many weddings so little time.
  8. My favorite food is french fries.
  9. Sometimes I eat them with ketchup and some times plain.
    Versatile. Easy going. Flexible.
  10. At school I like to draw.
  11. At home I like to draw.
    Always bringing that work home with me
  12. I want people to know I am smart.