I've arranged by nostalgia
  1. Ranunculus
  2. Poppies
    Breaks my heart you can't pick them in California (but also very happy they're protected)
  3. Gerber Daisies
  4. Daffodils
  5. Tulips
  6. Dahlias
  7. Zinnias
  8. Peonies
    I feel like these are the classiest flowers. I like to dress them down.
  9. Nasturtiums
    Edible! Those leaves!
  10. Johnny Jump Ups
  11. English Roses
    I would argue that they're the classic rose
  12. Climbing Roses
  13. Sunflowers
    The taller the better
  14. Cosmos
  15. Sweet Peas
  16. Black-Eyed Susans
  17. Bougainvillea
  18. Forsythia
  19. Cherry Blossoms
  20. Apple Blossoms
  21. Wisteria
    Smells beyond amazing, real great for floppy statement crowns
  22. Lilacs
    Nothing says spring like the scent of lilacs!
  23. Hydrangeas
    Those leaves are ideal for building fairy houses. Hydrangea trees are unreal.
  24. Butterfly Bush
  25. Butterfly Weed
  26. Blue Thistle
  27. Pussy Willows
    Great for structural crowns, old school king style
  28. Paper Whites
    Great late winter/early spring bulb. So easy to grow inside in any random jar! Smells amazing always
  29. Tiny White Wild Daisies
    Perfect for crowns/chains... What are these actually called?!
  30. Cactus Flowers
  31. Wild Flowers JUST ANY
  32. Buttercups
    New (to me) & OBSESSED
  33. Passion Fruit Flowers
    Crazy creatures
  34. Anemones
  35. Billy Balls
  36. Cotton
    I'm into it