1. Flowers
    Even carnations, despite what Sex & the City says
  2. Postcards!
    I'm such an advocate of snail🐌mail💌
  3. Socks
    The thicker, the better.
  4. Mix CDs
    Can't go wrong, especially if you personalize the CD/case
  5. Framed personal photos
  6. Cards and notes that mean it
    Handwritten is a must
  7. Anything from a child
  8. Kitchen Treats
    Tea! Fancy/funny salt! Spices! Super dark chocolate! Olive oil!
  9. Slippers
  10. Books
    Coffee table, art, comic, current favorite, childhood favorite...
  11. Blank Notebooks
    Can never have too many. Write a little inscription!
  12. Art supplies
    Particularly travel water colors
  13. Trinkets from travels
  14. Anything Homemade
  15. Anything cozy
    Blankets, scarves, a mug or thermos for traveling tea, hot water bottles (my new favorite)
  16. Anything you'd want but won't buy yourself