Brilliant list form, @john
  1. Everyone's dad would at some point be President
    Just waiting until it was my dad's turn. It would be rough dealing with the public eye, but we all had to do it eventually
  2. Because I had large feet, I could never be a fairy
    Probably because @sharkate adamantly insisted this be true
  3. Being bald was one of the sensory disabilities
    Right up there with being blind, deaf, mute...
  4. The most seductive and sexual flirting was puffing up the bottom of your bobbed hair with your palm
    Why, WILLA, why?
  5. Being a Princess was a career path you could just choose
  6. If I sat on a store bought egg long enough, it would hatch
    Spent a full day doing this in my front yard
  7. If I kept the oyster I found in a glass long enough, I'd get a pearl
    Kept this for weeks, brought it daily to preschool, it REEEEKED
  8. I would never get more mature than I was at that very moment
    I was always at my peak
  9. There were bears everywhere
    Growing up in Los Angeles, if there was not an adult with us, there was definitely a bear in your backyard.