I am in no way tech-savvy, so these could be ridiculous... @dev @bjnovak
  1. First off, want to say that I LOVE the List App and love the simplicity and straightforwardness and don't want change any of that to change ever
  2. Link to other lists
    The way you can link websites, or @ a person! Somehow tag a list! Maybe this is more complicated then it's worth and I'm just super lazy. Because I get so distracted and want to know what someone is referencing and then lose track.
  3. Multiple sections under one list
    @tothemaxxx said Dual Lists (great name) but maybe even more. To be able to organize and control lists a little more. For travel lists, break a city into Eat, Sleep, Shop, Explore, etc. For cooking, do Prep, Cook, Post. To be able to do What I Hate, Love, Don't Care about. So you don't have to keep track of so many separate lists, but also don't get overwhelmed by super long rambling list. Allows for a fuller story, maybe? Also addressing the suggestion issue, could separate OG list and add-ons
  4. Respond to lists/create thread
    @bjnovak says you all are on this! But just the ability to use lists as building blocks too. To be able to tweak title a bit, but still see where it came from, follow the list idea. Fun as a reader to watch the progression of a list as a genre or discussion and watch it evolve.
  5. Ability to email lists, maybe turn into links?
    For when it goes public, because right now so super top secret. But to be able to send yourself favorite list to have on other devices/not just as screenshots. To send lists to friends/recruit them! For recipes!! To print out!Similar to the way you can access instagram on a computer/but not do much there... Just to be able to somehow get it off phone to play with?
  6. Follow lists as they are updated/keep lists in circulation/ALERTS?
    So many lists so much brilliance so little time ! I don't know exactly how this would play out, but a way to keep tabs on old lists, to know when suggestions are added, comments create discussion, etc. Sort of like how on facebook you can follow a certain post. Or ALSO what about setting up alerts. Like Google alert. Say I'm going to Tokyo, and getting an alert whenever Tokyo is mentioned. For when this goes big and explodes and I can't read every list ever the way I want to.
  7. Maybe I'm asking for too much
    And I'M SO SORRY!! No matter what this is the best thing to ever happen
  8. Also didn't know if I should email this to you all or list it, but hoping people ADD ON!