1. Australia
    I feel like I would constantly be surrounded/surprised by something poisonous/that could kill me (scorpion on pillow, quick sand in front yard, sting ray in bathtub, snake in toilet...)
  2. Parking Garages
  3. All Metal Elevators
    Those ones with the grey metal walls on all sides where you can see the gist of your reflection but it's not clear like a mirror
  4. Borneo
    Just found out that's not a country...
  5. Papua New Guinea
    SO MUCH UNKNOWN SO LITTLE EXPLORED "Recent scientific expeditions to previously unexplored regions of Papua New Guinea have turned up dozens of previously unidentified species, including spiders, frogs, and A GIANT WOOLY RAT THE SIZE OF A LARGE CAT." -Time Magazine also CANNIBALS
  6. Underground Walk Ways
    You get to that point where the sunlight no longer reaches you
  7. Detoured Sidewalks Under Scaffolding At Night
    Especially when they keep turning and you can't see around the bend. What's coming?! Who's there, poaching you?!
  8. Large Office Spaces After Hours
  9. Mavericks
    45 minute paddle out. Currents. Riptides. Jagged rocks. Frigid water. Sharks. GIANT WAVES. 15 years alone.