By far my favorite experience in college
  1. They can barely speak English.
    So young so cute so confused
  2. They CANNOT (or barely can) read
    They are so smart in so many ways, you forget this often. But it is crucial. They have essentially no short-term memory, so how can they remember words if they can't read them on the board!!
  3. They have no exposure...
    So not their fault but no one around them speaks Spanish. And Dora the Explorer was generations before their time...
  4. They don't understand what a country is
    Let alone border, city, town, state... Makes it hard to explain what a language is...or why it matters.
  5. I'm fairly sure they don't understand reality
    Some WILD imaginations
  6. I only see them twice a week for half an hour
    They (often) can't remember my name in between classes, let alone anything we attempted to cover
  7. The Total Physical Response approach just backfires
    They are so much more interested in the dance moves and craft projects...soon I have kids showing up in jingly skirts to perform at our next class.
  8. Trying to relate to their interests eventually drives me (and their parents) insane
    Not only is 'Let it Go' now stuck in my head, but so is 'Libre Soy.' I apologize to the whole town. I've created 30 little monsters.
  9. They're so cute, I am putty in their hands
    You want me to speak English so that you can tell me the craziest story and have that brilliant speech impediment? Of course! KEEP TALKING!
  10. Even the smallest accomplishment is the LARGEST feat
    Sure, they have no idea what they're saying. But they have memorized the 'Buenos Días' song and we are all so proud!! (The parents think I have worked wonders.)