Order Unknown
  1. Fish Tacos (prepared any way), EL CAMELLO JR Tulum, Mexico
    I dream about them way too often. We went back almost every single day. Sometimes multiple times a day.
  2. Chicken Tacos, HOLY GUACAMOLE Santa Monica, California
    To go or to eat at the counter. Simple, classic, comfort food. Great for after a day at the beach. Also, such good chips.
  3. Potato-Poblano Tacos, LOTERIA GRILL Farmers Market Los Angeles, California
    Just the greatest. Get at least three. Also amazing to go and then heated up later at home. Get those tortillas a little crispy! Go to the one at the Farmers Market by the Grove. Don't bother with other locations.
  4. LA SUPER-RICA TAQUERIA Santa Barbara California
    Just order everything
  5. Side note: Green Corn Tamales!! BORDER GRILL(restaurant) and CORN MAIDEN(stand at the Sunday farmers' market on Main Street) Santa Monica, California
    Since moving east, I have made a Corn Maiden online account in attempt to order some. It was a low point in my college career. Mainly because it was too expensive to ship them frozen to Vermont... Miss those days when we would just buy a dozen there.