I have a weird combination of loungewear, long underwear, and exercise clothing on. I thought I'd go for a walk through Prospect Park...
  1. "Wow I'm so hot so overdressed gotta take off the scarf"
  2. "God it's beautiful"
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  3. "Why don't I do this more often?!"
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  4. "Like I could get up at 7 or 6 and get all bundled"
  5. "I'd bring coffee. Yeah, walk with the coffee"
  6. "I should be engaging my core"
  7. "I don't even really know what that means"
  8. "If I did this everyday, I'd be in such good shape!"
  9. "Does walking even get you into shape?"
  10. "Why aren't I running? Or like jogging?"
  11. "I hate running"
  12. "Ima sit down for like a sec."
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    "When will I find another dry bench?!"
  13. "UH have such a headache. Is that from exercising? Is that normal?"
  14. "I don't think I have been getting enough oxygen"
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    This one is probably fueled by me playing with a cannula and now being obsessed with oxygen intake
  15. "I have checked out every dog that's walked by before checking out their cute owners"
  16. "I'm so committed to getting a puppy. I'm totally going to be so responsible"
  17. "Do I have to waaaaaalk home?"
  18. "UH oh it's getting dark"
    I totally have a solid two hours but the stress is setting in
  19. "I have no idea how to get out of the park."
    I'm in so deep.
  20. "Why don't I have anyone to drag me home like these girls?!"
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    Jealousy is at an all-time high