But I also want them to dress themselves
  1. Tutus
  2. Hunting hats
  3. Saltwater sandals
    So that I can have matching
  4. Bandanas tied around neck
    The stylish bib
  5. Huge flower barrettes
  6. Colorful and/or cloth bandaids
    Sometimes on the face... It's a rite of passage!
  7. Plaid
  8. Red and black checked coats
  9. Patterned leggings
  10. Cowboy hats
    Worn very casually
  11. Cowboy boots
    Preferably red
  12. Pea coats
  13. Vast array of socks
    To be mismatched
  14. Costumes
    Whatever they want
  15. Sunscreen
    I'm turning into my mother.
  16. Matching pajama sets
  17. Nightgowns
    Worn for every occasion
  18. Tiaras
  19. Stripes
    Raising them as little French children. No matter what.
  20. Mittens clipped to coat
  21. Denim shirts jackets dresses
  22. Corduroy
    And knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards... They will be embarrassed and they will have to deal.
  24. All the children's dresses I so desperately want to fit me
  25. Plain t-shirts
  26. Converse high tops
  27. Classic yellow raincoats
  28. Stickers on face and body
  29. Classically patterned swimwear
    Checkers, stripes, polka dots, flowers, classic colors, PRISON BLACK & WHITE STRIPES GREG NOLL STYLE
  30. One piece and two piece swimsuits for girls, some with the ruffle skirt
  31. Rash guards
    Sun protection
  32. Wool tights
    But I'll make sure nothing is itchy ever
  33. Costume jewlry
  34. Sailor shirts
  36. Overalls