I haven't seen you in 2+ years yet our relationship grows stronger with distance. It's built off a past that I don't even know exists.
  1. When you introduce me as "your future wife"
  2. When you laugh and say I'd make you happy but you'd never put me through that
  3. When you call me constantly just to check in
  4. When you send me personal gifts, so fitting for you so perfect to me
  5. When you write songs about my mother
  6. When you ask me to fly cross country to be in your music video
    That line could really only allude to me
  7. When you write me songs
  8. When you send me emails on emails of thoughts and lyrics and praise for no apparent reason
  9. When you write me poems so specific to me physically and emotionally
  10. When you say "I'd let you break my heart"
  11. When sometimes it feels like you're breaking mine
  12. When you visit my parents for weeks on end and I'm not even around
  13. When you write my father
  14. When you tell me more than I need to know
  15. When you practically beg for a visit
  16. When you send me links to your favorite song of the moment
  17. When you give me old flannels
  18. When you try to plan our life together
  19. When you tell me you love me.
  20. When you got a girlfriend