February 28
  1. Westminster Abbey first opened
    1066 • 949 years ago
  2. The Salem Witch Hunt began
    1692 • 323 years ago
  3. Frenchman Elias Neau opened a school for blacks in NYC
    1704 • 311 years ago
  4. The Territory of Colorado was established
    1861 • 151 years ago
  5. Thomas A. Edison, Inc. was organized
    1911 • 104 years ago
  6. The first ever televised basketball game aired
    1940 • 75 years ago Fordham University vs University of Pittsburgh at Madison Square Garden
  7. The chemical structure of DNA was discovered
    1953 • 62 years ago Cambridge University scientists James D. Watson and Frances H.C. Crick discover the double-helix structure
  8. My dad was BORN
    1957 • 58 years ago Christopher is born. He's so small that his mother, Georgiana, decides "he's just a little Topper!!" The name sticks.
  9. Paul McCartney and John Lennon wrote "From Me To You"
    1963 • 52 years ago
  10. The first killer whale was born in captivity
    1977 • 38 years ago
  11. The final episode of M*A*S*H aired
    1983 • 32 years ago It was the most watched television program in history
  12. The Getty Museum was finally endowed
    1982 • 33 years ago The $1.2 billion the late J. Paul Getty left to the museum finally is granted, after 6 years of legal drama following his death
  13. My parents GOT MARRIED
    1987 • 28 YEARS AGO TODAY Topper and Sandra marry at Grace Church in NYC on Top's 30th birthday
  14. The UN stated that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction
    2003 • 12 years ago Hans Blix, the United Nations Chief Weapons Inspector, says that there is no evidence that any ever existed
  15. Egypt discovered a 3,400 year old red granite huge head
    2010 • 5 years ago The head from a statue of Amenhotep III, Tutankhamun's grandfather, is found buried at a temple in Luxor
  16. The last living WWI vet passed away
    2011 • 4 years ago Frank Buckles lives to be 110 in Charles Town, West Virginia
  17. Two new species of prehistoric penguins were discovered
    2012 • 3 years ago The Kairuku Waitaki and Kairuku Grebneffi both stood over 5 feet tall!!