The year is 2016 after all. Loosely inspired by @finesse
  1. Make a pilgrimage to the northern region of Germany.
    By any means possible. Lives may be lost to scurvy. Lemons and limes will not help you.
  2. Walk through the forest until you happen upon a bridge.
    A bridge across a river you fool, not just any bridge.
  3. Cross the bridge promptly.
    It could fall at any moment.
  4. On the other side of the bridge, rest.
    You'll need your energy for this next part.
  5. Wail until you can't wail anymore. Scream from your bowels and summon a ferocity you have never known before. Yell dammit.
    It should hurt.
  6. When you have exhausted all energy, lie with your head facing north.
    True north.
  7. A wolf will find you and carry your body. Don't mind the lacerations.
    Pain is temporary and so are you.
  8. When your body arrives in a clearing with your soul only barely attached, project your astral self into the wolf.
    You'll know how.
  9. Wail.
  10. Devour your former body.
    Reflect existentially.
  11. A third scream awaits, but it is not yours to bellow.
    Now is the time to realize the potential of your new body.
  12. Perform your first kill.
    Look due east for your prey.
  13. At the moment life slips from your victim, the triangle is complete.
  14. I will await you in the center.
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