OVER/UNDER The Killers, Skiing, Chicken Pot Pie, The Rock, Laughter

  1. The Killers
    Not super familiar with the Killers, but from my experience they are UNDERrated. They seem to be the butt of some jokes but they make pretty solid, catchy music.
  2. Skiing
    Maybe it's just my fear of heights, but I've been skiing for years so I think I'm qualified to say that skiing is OVERrated. Most people who don't ski seem fairly ambivalent, but anyone who does has an evangelical passion for it. A passion that is definitely a symptom of how expensive skiing is. Not to say it isn't fun, just not proportionally fun enough to justify its price. Also it's cold.
  3. Chicken Pot Pie
    Way UNDERrated. No rating would be high enough. Chicken pot pie is unequivocally the bomb.
  4. The Rock
    UNDERrated. Not that people don't like him, but I think he'll never really escape his joke status. He's a really charismatic guy and is insanely ripped. He may not be a nuanced actor, but he's certainly great at his job.
  5. Laughter
    A little OVERrated. I don't laugh a lot but I find humor in nearly everything. If I had to laugh out loud at everything that was funny, I'd die! I think a wry smile and a snort do the trick. Either that or just build on the humor with a joke of your own!