Some of these might seem silly. Those are the ones I was most passionate about.
  1. Car builder
    Who didn't want to be a car builder?
  2. Inventor
    I don't know what I intended to invent, but I promise it was dangerous.
  3. President
    Up until I realized that president didn't mean supreme ruler.
  4. Supreme ruler
  5. Actor
    I was also insistent that my dad pursue an acting career of his own. I thought he was a funny guy, not to mention how tall he was!
  6. Author
    This one had a long run. Several years, in fact. A little part of me still wants to be an author.
  7. Candle maker
    I'll have to admit, there was a little overlap between this career path and being an author. But let's be realistic, how can I make my millions writing books if I'm wasting all my time making and carving artisanal candles. One or the other.
  8. Doctor
    Doctors make a lot of money?
  9. Lawyer
    Lawyers make a lot of money by ARGUING?
  10. Musician
    I've always loved music and I started to get pretty good at writing it.
  11. Lawyer
    Musicians don't make ANY money...
  12. Still not grown up yet!
    We'll see what lucrative or perhaps ludicrous adventures I go on next! I'll keep you updated.