After watching countless romantic movies and reading plenty of Jane Austen, I think I've got this down.
  1. Send your cuter, single friend to get to know them for you.
    This one is obvious. You would be a total goof, but your cute, charming friend can make good impression for you and put in a good word. Just wait until they start hanging out all the time! (If your friend stops spending as much time with you, it's because they're deep undercover, just wait!)
  2. Convince your youngest sister to run away with their arch nemesis.
    Odds are, the true character of your crush will come through and they'll be more noble than you could have ever expected. For bonus points, try this one during a zombie apocalypse—we all know we're due for one any time now.
  3. Get your head in the game and try out for the school musical!
    This one only works if your crush is in the school musical, and even then it might take you four years to finally kiss them.
  4. Uncover the truth about the previously unsuspected murder of their late mother.
    Even if you believe the father was guilty, they'll thank you in the long run. Trust your gut on this one.
  5. Meditate in their direction.
    Just feel your way on this one.