At least more sense than the Krampus in the movie Krampus.
  1. Krimpus: Big 'ol scary dude shows up and crimps your hair until you look like Yahoo Serious and acts like he did you a favor.
  2. Klumpus : Makes you watch The Klumps over and over. Keeps insisting that Eddie Murphy is back, baby!
  3. Krokus: The actual heavy metal band from Switerland crashes in your living room for like 6 weeks and never helps with the dishes.
  4. Krupus: Switches out your coffee machine with a coffee pod device and then makes fun of you for being environmentally destructive.
  5. Karaokus: Comes to your holiday party and always sings your songs before you have w chance.
  6. Krakus: Guy keeps taking different things out of your refrigerator and saying "oh, raspberries? These are my crack!" But with, like, everything.
  7. Krullus: Is way too into the early 1980s ungood fantasy movie Krull starring Ken Russell. Keeps talking about the cyclops character and how tragic it is that members of that race always know when they are going to die. Insists the arcade game adaptation did not capture the spirit of the movie. Like this, and also kills everyone in your family.