1. The Ball
    Thing moves quick so it's best to just keep an eye on it whenever you can. PRO TIP: it's often on the floor
  2. The Short Players
    Basketball has always been considered a tall man's game but the 2x MVP Steph Curry is about 6'3". And yeah I guess that's pretty tall anywhere outside a basketball court so I don't know what my point is.
  3. The Cheerleaders
    I'm kidding obviously it's amazing that's still a job at a professional level.
  4. The Undeniable Sexual Tension Between Almost Every Player
    It's palpable. Four quarters strong.
  5. The Coaches
    Often times the older, smaller white men in suits will channel the frustration of their players into their own bodies to avoid an ejection. Basketball is a game of class, and referees deserve the respect to be told "MOTHERFUCKER BLOW THE WHISTLE" from a well dress man, not some asshole in shorts.