In order from least to most
  1. Season 5a
    I mean... It's still Teen Wolf. But it's not fun and/or colorful enough. I don't love Hayden, and the Parrish reveal was weak (a Phoenix would have been way cooler)
  2. Season 4
    Season four watches better the second time around. The issue is that the immediate plot of "the benefactor" is lame and doesn't quite pay off. I still wish the benefactor was Victoria Argent miraculously back from the dead to avenge her family's dying legacy.
  3. Season 1
    One's pretty solid, if a tad slow/boring. The charm is there, but some characters (Lydia) are underdeveloped and the acting (Scott) is hollow.
  4. Season 2
    Two. Pretty much the same as one, only now it's cool ranch flavored!! Better characters (hi Isaac, Erica, and Boyd!) better effects (CGI lizards?!) gay clubs and a bisexual teenage threesome at an underground rave?!?!? Sign me tf up, yo!!!
  5. Season 3b
    Void Stiles and the Emmy that never was...
  6. Season 3a
    It's just my favorite. Fun, funny, sexy, and scary. The Darach and Deucalion are my favorite villains. Lydia "is something". Motel California. Fisting werewolf twins. Danny. It's just the best.