Best Commercial Jingles OF ALL TIME!!!

Disclaimer: I am strongly biased toward jingles with full lyric songs and full length recordings, so short 2 word entries like "Hot Pockets" and "GI Joe" though awesome, were disqualified from this list.
  1. Juicy Fruit Gum
    🎶The taste is gonna Moooove ya🎶 This is the best jingle ever. It made me feel as cool as all those cool rich attractive white folks that were skiing, surfing, and playing beach volleyball and such, and all I had to do was chew a piece of this in-no-way-fruity and mostly-only-sugar-flavored gum! ...that and then go get all my cavities filled. But mad props to this jingle writer. This song rocks so much that there is Zero talking in the commercial. Just. This. Awesome. Jingle.
  2. Mentos
    🎶Fresh goes better when Mentos fresh and full of life🎶 Another jingle so epic that it needs no salesman talk in the commercial. This jingle is musically-speaking the finest on this list, from the harmonious doo-do-do-do-wahs at the beginning through to the full choir singing at the end. It even has a key change! Aside from the comical situations that mentos inspired the commercial's characters to overcome, it was this jingle that aroused a real excitement in me.
  3. Folger's Coffee
    🎶The best part of wakin' up🎶 These are like Hallmark commercials and have been know to make moms cry. This jingle was great because its lyrics changed slightly over time to match to the specific people/situations throughout the series of ads. Folger's Marketing hit a grand slam here with an awesome jingle, great silvery morning-lit camera work and sappy plot all designed to put this putrid brown swill at the emotional center. Well done.
  4. Chili's Baby Back Ribs
    🎶I want my baby back baby back. Barbecue sauce🎶 Every time I hear a bottle clink, or someone dings a glass at a wedding now, I want to start singing this jingle. I like to imagine that it was written by an A-Cappella group who was chowing down on some ribs at a chili's. Probably Pentatonix before they made it big.
  5. Oscar Meyer (2 Hit singles!!!)
    🎶oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Wiener🎶 and 🎶My Bologna has a first name🎶 Ask your parents, kids. These spin masters over at Oscar Meyer's Marketing Team even made Bologna and Hot Dogs cool. Also, a special thanks to you guys, because without your jingle we would have NO idea how to actually spell BOLOGNA.
  6. Big Red Gum
    🎶So kiss a little longer, stay close a little longer🎶 Another hit gum jingle by wrigley's. Cinnamon Gum must have been a generational thing, because I sneak Cinnabon a fair amount, and it never has anywhere close to the effect that Big Red has, which (according to their commercial) is to cause the hottest person around to start frenching the ever-loving crap out of your face. Bonus side effect is that no one seems to care about your excessive PDA.
  7. Kit Kat Bar
    🎶Give Me a Break! Break me off a piece of that🎶 This one drove Andy Bernard crazy for a whole episode on the Office. Probably the best chocolate bar jingle. Am I wrong?
  8. Toys-R-Us
    🎶I dont wanna grow up. I'm a ToysRUs kid🎶 If being a multi-colored, warehouse-sized fun factory with a cartoon giraffe mascot weren't enough to draw kids in, they even had a catchy song! How's THAT for building brand loyalty?
  9. Cotton
    🎶The touch, the feel of Cotton. The fabric of our lives🎶 Another campaign that somehow manages to tug at heartstrings within 30 second TV spots. If I didn't know any better I'd guess that this jingle was adapted from a Michel Bolton love ballad or something.
  10. Band-Aid
    🎶I am stuck on band-aid brand cuz Band-Aid's stuck on me🎶 Kids singing, and getting their ouchies and boo-boos patched up. How do you not love that as a protective parent.
  11. Doublemint Gum
    🎶Double your pleasure, double your fun🎶 If you get freaked out by twins, avoid these commercials at all costs. If you are a twin, and were alive during the 90's, you should probably be getting paid reparations for these (racist against twins... Twinist?) ads. Great song though. This completes the hat trick of great Gum jingles for Wrigley's.
  12. Rice-A-Roni
    🎶The San Francisco treat🎶 someone from frisco please explain to us why. Catchy jingle though. Those white folks sure are happy to be headed home to a steamy pan full of sodium noodle pieces and freeze dried ramen veggies.
  13. Bagel Bites
    🎶Pizza in the mornin', pizza in the evenin', pizza at supper time🎶 It is fitting that the single greatest product in your grocer's freezer also has a great jingle. 🎶When pizza's on a bagel, you can eat pizza anytime!🎶 Just for the record, this lyric was not legally binding in my household, and didn't hold up to a jury of my mother, But now that I'm a big strong man, I CAN eat pizza anytime! Also, emoji developers: It's 2016 and the closest thing to a bagel bite emoji is 🍕🇮🇱. Get on that.
  14. Sock 'Em Boppers
    🎶You can sock all day, and bop all night. More fun than a pillow fight. Blow em up, put your hand inside and get ready to have...🎶 A concussion. Basically the only toy that encouraged kids to punch each other in the face. It probably goes without saying that these aren't around anymore. Thanks Obama.
  15. Stanley Steemer
    🎶Stanley Steemer gets carpets cleaner!🎶 Well that's good, because usually you call them because Fido Steamer made your carpet a mess. Props for working the memorable 1-800 telephone number into the jingle.
  16. Honorable Mentions:
    •Mouse Trap (the board game) jingle also included instructions. Love that. •the original Ring Pop jingle. •Crocodile Mile (like kids needed instructions on how to use a slip N slide with a jump and a kiddie pool at the end) lyric really should have been 🎶you run, you slide, you hit a rock, and then get stitches! Fun's Over!🎶