Best movie(s) from every year I've been alive.

Inspired by @yutzyheat
  1. 1986 Three Amigos
    "Would you say that I have a plethora of piñatas?" "There are Gringos falling from the sky!" HM: Top Gun
  2. 1987 The Princess Bride
    Classic. Miracle max. The Best.
  3. 1988 Big
    Not a good year for movies. Big is fun and has that nostalgia to it, but outside of that and my HM Rain Man, it's slim pickins.
  4. 1989 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    And before you say "he chose poorly", consider that this is the best movie of a great trilogy (and if you bring up Crystal skull I will stab you in the ribs) that combined Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, fighting nazis and involving lots o bible-y stuff. This was a hard year to decide with HMs going to The Little Mermaid, Field of Dreams, and Christmas Vacation. All greats, but all things equal, gotta go Indy. "We named the Dog Indiana."
  5. 1990 Home Alone
    Teaching kids everywhere that the most fun you can have at Christmas time is being abandoned by your family, booby-trapping your entire house with SUPER dangerous stuff all over the place, and then trying to lure criminals inside in hopes of severing your fingers. "Look whatcha did ya little jerk!" HM: Days of Thunder, Hunt for Red October
  6. 1991 Beauty and the Beast
    Feels like the most Classic Disney movie without feeling old/creepy/racist and has gorgeous stained glass window animation. And that catchy music. HMs: Father of the Bride, Hook
  7. 1992 Aladdin
    Genie is the best, Iago is hilarious. Catchy music and REALLY marks progress for women. HMs: Newsies, A Few Good Men
  8. 1993 The Three Musketeers
    I fully admit that this was not the Best movie out in 93, just my favorite. Oliver Platt, Keifer Sutherland and both of the pre-meltdown sheen boys. Yes please. Keifer Sutherlands acting is the best of his career. Too bad it is overshadowed by how horrible (and I mean truly horrible) Chris o'Donnells acting is. And the bad guy has an eye patch. Awesome. HMs: Jurassic Park, Cool Runnings
  9. 1994 Dumb and Dumber
    The icon. The legend. Not even close. They dont make em like this anymore children. HMs: shawshank redemption, lion king
  10. 1995 Babe
    A tough year to choose, but in the end, how do you NOT pick the talking pig over Toy Story, Tommy Boy, Braveheart, Apollo 13, First Knight, and Father of the Bride Part 2? "That'll do pig. That'll do."
  11. 1996 Star Trek First Contact
    This year is basically a 6 way tie, but as my man Patric Stewart says "The line must be drawn here! No further!" This is my fav Star Trek movie because, the Borg. HMs: The Rock, Independence Day, Happy Gilmore, Sgt Bilko, and Twister
  12. 1997 Air Force One
    "Get off my plane!" Is it too late to nominate 90's Harrison Ford for president in 2016? Also, that Gary Oldman is a gem. This is basically how I imagine all Russians now... "...then on that great day of deliverance, you will know what I want". Chills. HM: Jungle 2 Jungle
  13. 1998 Prince of Egypt
    Basically another 5 way tie, but gotta give it to the PofE for the awesome animation, music, and voice acting. HMs: the Truman Show, Ever After, Star Trek Insurrection, Mulan, and the music from A Bugs Life. Just the music.
  14. 1999 Office Space
    Probably my all time favorite comedy. "What is it that you would say, that you DO here?" So many good inappropriate quotes. Another close one, because HM "October Sky" is a favorite, the Matrix, and Toy Story 2 was OK! Also 99 gave rise to the love/hate relationship in movie form that is "the phantom menace". Best bad guy ever. Best lightsaber fight ever. But Jarjar? Baby Anakin? WHY?!?!? Why George Lucas? *single tear as this movie sets the entire franchise on one monumental downward spiral.
  15. 2000 Gladiator
    This movie was in a class by itself, and the reason that Russell Crowe was born. "Are you not entertained?" Nonetheless HMs to Emperors New Groove and Castaway (BTW, I'm still waiting for Castaway 2: Wilson's Revenge. I mean if Liam Neesons daughter can get Taken 4 times...)
  16. 2001 Ocean's Eleven
    Proving that a movie loaded with all-star actors DOESNT need to be another mindless Expendables sequel. The music, the cars, the suits, Julia Roberts in that gold sequin dress. This movie invented SWAG. HM: Monsters Inc
  17. 2002 The Count of Monte Cristo
    Another big tie, 2002 was the year that I really fell in love with the movies. So many standouts but the revenge, and sword fighting in tCofMC (plus the best toast of any film ever) puts this one above HMs Bourne Identity, Equilibrium, Hero, Gangs of New York, Catch Me if You Can, and Reign of Fire. Also, I defy you to find me a movie anywhere whose cast collectively has stronger jawlines or more interesting bone structure. "Ridiculously attractive chin" must have been a casting requirement.
  18. So every choice I have from here on is basically just a list of whatever Mark Whalberg was doing that year...
    So you can stop reading now. Really. Just stop.
  19. Or not. So... 2003 The Italian Job
    HMs Finding Nemo and The Last Samurai came close here, but in the end, my itch for all-star heist movies that was started by Oceans Eleven could only be scratched by this gem 2 years later. Marky Mark bursts onto the scene here, and the world is never the same afterward. Jason Statham should always be a supporting actor. Edward Norton wins most punchable face in Hollywood here. Also they somehow achieved the impossible and made Minis cool for a hot second. "Baby, go relax."
  20. 2004 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
    How can you call yourself a hockey fan and NOT pick "Miracle"? Yeah yeah, I know. But I'm telling you that SpongeBob is a hilarious movie. And I don't even watch the tv show. It's got it all! Evil plots, silly best-friend mayhem, David Haselhoff, face-melting guitar solos, and even instructions how to be manly! "Here's how you grow a mustache!" "MY EYES!" HMs to Man on Fire, and Shaun of the Dead.
  21. 2005 Four Brothers
    It's basically my biography as a hardened Detroit street kid showing that family comes first, even if it means breaking the law. Starring guess who? Marky Mark! HMs V for Vendetta and Batman Begins (because you know it wasn't the best new batman movie... Yet. And if you mention Ben Affleck. I will stab you in the ribs.)
  22. 2006 The Illusionist/The Prestige
    06 was a magical year for films. Get it? Magic? Anyways, Most of my favorite actors released 2 movies this year, and most of them were 2 excellent movies that make my HMs. Denzel had Inside Man and Deja Vu. Hugh Jackman (also in the fountain, which was weird but I loved it) Jude Law and Jack Black (nacho libre best comedy of the year, and the holiday *a surprisingly tolerable chick flick) Even Will Ferrel got in on the action with Stranger than Fiction (my #2 pick for 06) and Talledega Nights.
  23. 2007 you may be thinking...
    Ocean's Thirteen - I think I like it better than the original because this time, it's personal. Again. Hot Rod - hilarious because punch dancing and riots. "Babe!? No babe! Babe NO!" August Rush - one of only 5 movies that have made me cry (and the only non Pixar movie to claim that title). It's the music that brings them all together. If that doesn't move you, then I'm sorry, but you're a robot.
  24. ...but you'd be
  25. Because... 2007 Shooter
    The finest cinematic masterpiece of this or any generation. You basically can't even argue. You get a governmental conspiracy action revenge plot reminiscent of the best Harrison Ford films but with a grit and no-nonsense bad-assery that only MW can convincingly deliver. Plus, cool gun stuff! This movie is perfection. If only they'd have left the story open for a sequel!
  26. 2008 The Dark Knight
    But seriously... "Why so serious?" Heath Ledger's Joker could be the best villain I've ever seen. The only thing that comes close is Xavier Bardem's Anton Chaguer in No Country for Old Men. Dark Knight has it all. Love, action, chaos, Michael Caine, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, great writing, and fantastic replay value. I could watch this one on repeat for days. "Ya wanna know how I got these scars?" *the real answer is Kettle chips. HM is Wall•e which also made me cry.
  27. 2009 Up
    Yep. I was BAWLING less than 5 min into this one. Pixar has mastered the art of musical montage. Ellie's song almost inspired our wedding and the naming of our 1st child. HM goes to The Time Traveler's Wife (Don't be scared by the sci-fi sounding title. It's a wonderful romance story that just so happens to involve time travel). Just don't watch this with anyone who routinely discusses branch theory or parallel universes. They'll over analyze it and you'll want to stab them in the ribs.
  28. 2010 Inception
    2010. Aka the year of Leo. Inception was brilliant because Christopher Nolan took a WAY out there idea that normally only your super sci-nerd movie buffs would get, and figured out a way to package it so even I could understand and enjoy it. Dreams within dreams you say? Ok. With guns? Cool, cool. And Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon Levitt and super awesome special effects, writing and zero gravity fight scenes??? Yes please. HMs: Toy Story 3 (the tortilla 😂), Despicable Me, and Shutter Island
  29. 2011 Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows
    The role Robert Downey Jr was born to play. Moriartti is an awesome bad guy (so are the nazis), the plot is great, and the effects, bullet-time Slo-mo fight scenes, and other CG are a thing of beauty (especially since you don't see many period scenes drawn in this much detail where things are blowing up). HMs: Source Code/Adjustment Bureau/Limitless These 3 all kind of have the same suspenseful feel to them but each is great without being a run and gun action flick.
  30. 2012 The Hunger Games
    ...tell me the book was MUCH better and... ribs... yours... stabbed... HMs: Safety Not Guaranteed, and Looper
  31. 2013 2 Guns
    Marky Mark + Denzel. By my count that's 4 guns. HAY-O! This movie is definitely not for the kiddos. HMs: Hunger Games: Catching Fire (kinda not fair since it's the best one of the quad-rilogy), Philomena, Warm Bodies
  32. 2014 The Lego Movie
    "Everything is awesome!" Can't wait for the inevitable 4 sequels certain to follow. "SPACESHIP!!!" HM: Edge of Tomorrow (which any other year would have taken the top spot, but Lego movie c'mon.) Time travel, aliens, and Emily Blunt kicking butt? Please and thank you. This movie has the coolest aliens ever and top 5 special effects. Sorry Christopher Nolan, but Interstellar fell off of the complex idea tightrope that Inception had walked so perfectly. Bookcase/dimension/machine? You lost us.
  33. 2015 Inside Out
    Other animated movies in 2015? "FORGET EM!" Pixar. Crying. Family. Hockey. Beautifully imagining a really complex idea. And amazing voice acting. "BING-BONG NOOOOO!!!" HMs: Spotlight, and dark/hauntingly memorable underdog Predestination.
  34. 2016...
    I haven't watched many recent movies. I have a baby now, so home movies win this category.
  35. That's all. I'm retiring from this app.
    And this list only took like 4 days for me to write! This is why I can't do Social Networks people!