Lord of the Rings Gifs for Every Occasion

Inspired by recent lists from @aubreywhy
  1. When you're stuck in traffic and some jerk tries to zoom around you
  2. How you feel that first moment you get a new phone
  3. When someone asks you to do something that they clearly don't fully understand
    One does not simply...
  4. When a song that always gets stuck in your head comes on the radio
  5. When you wake up at the normal time, and then realize that you can go back to sleep because IT'S THE WEEKEND!
  6. How every kid should feel on the first day of school
  7. When a friend is supposed to be meeting you for an important event, but calls/texts to tell you that they haven't left yet.
  8. How guys feel before proposing.
  9. When you're more annoyed than you are sorry.
  10. When someone asks you what you want for breakfast
    Tomatoes, sausages, nice crispy bacon!
  11. When someone asks you why you're still hungry even though you've had breakfast
    I've had one, yes...
  12. When you have to fake that you enjoy someone's cooking
  13. When your spouse finds a gray hair (or spinach in their teeth) and asks you why you didn't say anything
    The mirror reveals many things
  14. When someone just posted a list with the exact same theme as one that you were already drafting
  15. When your friend group finds out that one of you said something mean behind everyone's back
  16. When opportunity presents itself, and your inner clepto comes out
  17. How I feel about the upcoming presidential election
  18. When you have to go to work with a cold
  19. When Fireworks!
  20. When Tickles!
  21. When "Hello!" Hugs 😄
  22. When "goodbye" hugs 😢