The Gadgets That I Love / Tech that I Use Everyday

These are gadgets that I use as my daily drivers, and make my day job/daily life easier and/or more enjoyable.
  1. iPhone
    Nuff said. I have a 6s, and for me, 3D Touch & Live Photos are killer features.
  2. Logitech Performance Mouse MX
    I sit at a computer all day, so a good mouse is a must, and this one is just the best. It has a great ergonomic grip, easy USB charging, perfectly positioned thumb buttons, and an awesome selectable scroll wheel that can either bump-click like most mice, or free scroll which is like mega-flinging an Abec-5 skateboard wheel (it won't ever stop spinning!) Also, Logitech's wireless stuff just works great. You only need a tiny almost invisible dongle, and you can connect multiple devices with ease.
  3. Texas Instruments Datamath II Calculator
    I could write a book about how much I love this desktop calculator. (I work at a bank, remember). It's retro and I mean legit vintage, it's quality, it has an awesome color scheme, it has a saweet LED screen, its keys click when you push them, it comes with a leather pouch, and it looks like something from Star Trek. You can keep your fancy new-fangled Apple Watch. They don't make stuff this cool anymore.
  4. Mechanical Keyboard
    Most keyboards today are "rubber membrane" keyboards. They are simple & effective, but also dull & mushy feeling. Think those free calculators that they give away. Mechanical keyboards have a much higher build quality and the keys give tactile feeling, & even audible clicks to typing because every key IS a switch. This can go a long way to speed/accuracy/enjoyment of typing. The downside of course is cost. My current daily driver is the Das Keyboard 4 Professional with MX Brown switches.
  5. Contigo Travel Coffee Mug
    Java in. Doesn't leak. Stays hot. Sips nicely without burning my face. Me love you long time. Mine is the matte chocolatey brown.
  6. Panasonic ErgoFit RPTCM125 Earbuds
    Do you need earbuds that are nice and comfy? AND that sound good? AND that are compatible with your smartphone? AND that only cost about $12 a pair??? Oh, you don't? Well then, move along. Nothing to see here.
  7. FreeKeys Key Ring Set
    I bite my fingernails. So when it's time to add/remove a key from a key ring, guess who looks like an incompetent moron? FreeKeys key rings make reconfiguring my key ring easy. Just pinch one side and the other opens right up. Great idea Scientists!
  8. Kingston Data Traveler SE9 G2 Flash Drive
    A nice slim flash drive to put on your keys. They also only cost $7, so, stocking stuffer.
  9. Buck Metro Pocket Knife
    Not enough crap on your key ring? Find yourself needing a knife sometimes, but not often enough to want to always carry around a machete? Try this little baby. This thing is SHARP and useful. The blade is only like 1" long, and when folded, you'd never know it was a knife, but it's perfect for opening Amazon boxes and product packaging, cutting string, and it even has a bottle opener! For soda.
  10. Tile
    Loose stuff a lot like me? Tiles are small Bluetooth location tags that beep when you've lost them. They also have a cool crowd-sourced location finder thing, in case an item of yours with a tile attached gets stolen. Basically it's like when you loose your phone and you have someone else call it, or use the "find my phone" app, but for all kinds of objects! I have one on every set of keys, in my wife's purse, one for the diaper bag, and one on the AppleTV remote that always goes missing.
  11. The Ridge Wallet
    I am a recovering pocket hoarder. Like George Castanza, I reached a crossroads with the traditional bi-fold. I was carrying around a file cabinet worth of business cards, receipts, pictures, even toothpicks! Those were dark days. Now my pockets are simpler because I switched to the Ridge Wallet. It is a metal design, that only holds about 10 cards on the inside, and has a cash clip on the back. It has forced me to simplify my card stash, and store other misc stuff on the cloud, where it belongs.
  12. Pilot G2 Limited
    A cheapo Bic will do the trick for a grocery list, but when your writing something by hand where style points count (think notes to those that you love and/or respect) reach for a pen with distinction. I like these because of their quality construction, grip, and the G2 ink cartridges just make nice looking lines. Sure, even if you're just taking meeting notes for work, your hand will enjoy the luxe grip, and that click...
  13. Anker PowerPort USB Charger
    I don't settle for USB chargers that take up an entire outlet, but only give you 1 measly charging port, or can only power 1 specific device! Anker makes great accessories that are affordable and quality, including this charger. It auto-senses the voltage/amperage that your devices need, so you can power phones, tablets, speakers, or any other USB devices simultaneously without all the guess work. We have one in almost every room of the house.
  14. Synology NAS
    My own personal media/photo/file server that I can access from anywhere. NAS appliances are basically just huge internet connected hard drives, but you can do some really cool stuff with them, like host your own website or email or VPN Server, use one as a DVR, or even host a virtualized desktop environment. Basically it's owning/controlling your own cloud services. Now I can tell iCloud to "suck it" every time it suggests that I need to buy more storage. Synology makes the best NAS in the biz.
  15. HDHomeRun
    Whether you're a cord cutter, or just want more control over your cable TV service, this box is for you. It converts incoming TV video signals and serves them out over your home wifi network so that you can stream them from a phone/tablet/PC or just easily add live TV channels to a screen in another room (no renting another box, or running cables). Combine this with software like Plex or Kodi, and a few router settings and you can easily stream your home TV channels anywhere, or setup a DIY DVR.
  16. Nest
    I am fascinated by the wave of home automation products that have hit the market in the last few years, but few prove to really be game changers. We have a Nest thermostat and their webcam (which we use as a baby monitor), and in both cases I am very impressed with how easy and reliable they are to use, but also how much they change our behavior (because we've learned to trust them so much).