Things that should be renamed to have "American" added to their name.

  1. Ranch Dressing
    If France gets credit for French dressing, and Italy gets Italian dressing... Ranch should just be called straight up American dressing.
  2. White Bread
    It's wonderful and sweet, and the Hawaiians already own the rights to the best rolls on the planet... White or Wheat? Give me American!
  3. Grilled Cheese Sandwich
    Think about it. There's already American Cheese, just add American bread (see above) and Butter (basically Americas lifeblood) and you've got yourself an American Sandwich. I long for the day when every question asked by my sandwich artist can be answered with one word. AMERICA!
    When asked which toppings you want on that, whether it's a pizza, burrito, burger, or hash browns, We should just be able to reply "I'll take that American-style" (which is to say "Give me all of the toppings that you have"). Paying homage to the melting pot that is the USA, you know that your "American-style" X is either going to be a colossal out-of-control mess, or it will set a new bar of greatness. Celebrate freedom by choosing All of the above. Go big or go home. American-style. BooYah!
  5. Cowboy Boots
    Not just for Cowboys. Those are AMERICAN boots!
  6. Blue Jeans
    You mean "America Pants"?
  7. Tank Tops
    America Shirts
  8. Bald Eagle
    Fierce American Freedom Birdy
  9. The Great Lakes
    Just insert the word "American" and they're suddenly so much better. The Great American Lakes. Heck yeeah.
  10. Tater Tots
    I know that freedom fries are already a thing, but France gets way too much credit for the potato that WE perfected right here in the good ol USA. Tots however are all ours.
  11. Fried Chicken
    ...well anything fried really, but especially that good southern fried chicken. Aside from Abraham Lincoln's contribution, Fried chicken basically ended the civil war. Just calling it simply "fried" doesn't really give it the credit and historical honor that it deserves. That's why it should be renamed "American Chicken".
  12. Truck Stops
    Cross country Road trips on the interstate, diesel fumes, eating fast food, buying souvenir TShirts, and dirty public bathrooms. It's like someone bottled up an all American scene and put it inside a snow globe. Not really sure how to work "American" into the name, but it needs to happen so I'm open to suggestions.
  13. Electric Guitars
    American Guitar. You don't need to say that they are electric. Or American. Because the sound tells you both. From BB King, to Stevie Ray Vaughan, to Jimi Hendrix, to Steve Vai, to Zakk Wylde, to Les Paul, to Joe Walsh, to Muddy Waters. When you hear the soundtrack of America, this is the instrument that's front and center. These musicians, and many more, gave electric guitar the soul and attitude that made it something more. Something better. Something, American.
  14. Canada
    I mean seriously what Canada with America. They made us. They can break us. Should be called "lesser America".
    Suggested by   @ECullz