Ads That Reassure ME That Targeted Advertising Isn't as Insidious and Omniscient as We All Think

  1. Kraft Singles
    I'm lactose intolerant, and have been for years, and I KNOW I've mentioned it in at least a handful of private Facebook messages and the odd Tumblr post. Though, on second thought… is there actually milk in Kraft Singles? Or just, like, plastic? I suppose I should have done a bit more research, but given I only have two examples for this list, everything's riding on me giving Kraft Singles the benefit of the doubt. EDIT: There's milk. I checked. My list stands.
  2. The new Hearthstone expansion
    I've been playing this every day for over a year. I check the subreddit and related sites several times a day. I get why that's triggering these ads, but if you ask me, algorithms are a long way from grasping how human beings actually function, and that knowledge will help me sleep a little bit better tonight.