Things I Bought on a Trip to Walmart to Buy a Toothbrush

I should probably have just stuck to the hygiene section, if I'm being honest.
  1. Mario amiibo
    I wasn't planning on bothering with anything from the Mario Party series, but this guy was only $10, and I've never seen them on sale anywhere - how could I resist?!
  2. Bowser amiibo
    And if you thought that was great, it was only $5 for the big guy! The box was totally bent, which may have caused the discount, but he's in great condition. So, yep, two amiibo for the price of one!
  3. Mega Man Legacy Collection for 3DS
    $40 for a game series I've long wanted to own, given a 9.0 on both IGN and Nintendo Life. Not that I needed more games just now, but I'm sure that someday I'll be glad I copped it.
  4. Bonus! Stickers and music downloads
    Truly the gift that keeps on giving. Planning on adorning my laptop with the sprite, though I may sleep on it before acting too hastily.
  5. Near mistake: AHS: Asylum
    Having my favourite season of one of my favourite shows on DVD for $20 seemed like a brilliant idea… until I realised it's the only TV season I've ever bought on iTunes. I guess digital media wins today.
  6. Toothbrushes
    I bet you thought I forgot.