Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Wake up in complete darkness, no matter what time of day it is.
    I have blackout shades in the windows, covered by blackout curtains. I'm like a vampire; the sun is my enemy.
  2. While I'm still struggling to get dressed my son arranges breakfast.
    He's four and he has already figured out I'm barely worth a shit in the AM. He's so sweet he gets everything out we need and sets it on the counter.
  3. Maybe coffee. Two or three servings in a container. Nespresso if I'm not too tired.
    Hot as shit no matter what it is.
  4. Transport a child to school.
    Don't worry, I'm fully alert by this time.
  5. Go back home and do something productive and/or run errands.
    Consists mostly of: clean/laundry/write/read/edit or any combination of productive things.
  6. Transport a child home from school.
  7. Assortment of things until it's time to figure out dinner.
  8. Eat dinner; chat with family.
  9. Read and/or chat/hang out with family.
  10. Put children to bed.
  11. Time to get hardcore and party.
    RE: read/write/edit/listen to music/watch a movie. Maybe all of these.
  12. On weekends everything happens outside of the house I've been stuck in most of the week.