Recently, my 4yo is either incredulous or self-assured.
  1. I'm gonna call you baby
    Apparently mom doesn't work for him anymore.
  2. You see the face on my butt, baby?
    He has underwear that have characters across the ass.
  3. I can't believe this is happening to me
    He asked for juice, and I said yes.
  4. I got this under control
    Particularly things he is incapable of.
  5. This is impossible!
    Particularly things he is capable of.
  6. This hammer is doing nothing for me
    Plastic does not have the required heft for his projects.
  7. What's up, G?
    Anyone besides me can be G; I can only be baby.
  8. Are you serious!?!
  9. That's the most fantastic thing you ever said