This might be my last all caps list (that's a lie, I have an English degree, I won't be able to stand it 😝)
  1. I am going to update my the list app to
  2. I'm still on... 😳 version 😳
    Updating to 2.0.6
  3. Big step for me guys
  4. @kcupcaker have you taken the leap yet?
  5. Why, you might wonder, have I finally decided to come around?
  6. Cause of @BWN_7 and the brilliance of this list idea he got going: (Spoil A) Movie Poster
  7. I was kind of sad that I couldn't participate if I wanted to
  8. Because having held back from updating, I did not have the caption option
  9. But guess what bitches!?! Now I'm on the up and up 😁
  10. Moment of pride for me here
  11. Although I will admit I am still running OS version 8.1.3 on my phone 😕
  12. One update at a time
  13. @kaelliope this is what the icon used to be. I don't have any screenshots of how it used to look beyond that really. Maybe @supercommonname can make a list of screenshots for you 😉