You asked for it 😝
  1. My profile pic was my first ever selfie, taken years after selfies were the pic to take
  2. I went to stay the night in NYC for a show, by myself
  3. I booked myself in the Millenium Hilton
  4. It was my first time staying in a Hilton
  5. I decided I would take my first selfie to commemorate the event and share with my FB friends where I was
  6. This idea came to me before I got ready for the show
  7. Which was after I stepped out of the shower
  8. I call the resulting pic my Mona Lisa
  9. Because that smile is because I know I am naked
  10. And no one else can tell
  11. And everyone would be looking at this picture
  12. And it would not occur to them that my hair was covering my bare tits
  13. Sorry, @eetak
  14. But that's how my profile pic came to be
  15. *Side note: Everyone thought I took the pic to showcase having my hair done. I have never had more comments on how beautiful my hair looks than with that pic 😊