Truly, I am.
  1. I am highly educated.
  2. On paper.
  3. I have always thought it is a bit comedic that they give you a piece of paper to indicate you have received a degree; a "higher education."
  4. And it is even more so when you find yourself searching for these pieces of paper and you cannot find them.
  5. I am highly educated.
  6. I cannot find the pieces of paper that prove it 😁
  7. I did, however, find a bunch of certificates indicating I am a member of academic honor societies I absolutely forgot belonging to.
  8. I am highly educated.
  9. Although apparently, I cannot remember anything 😐
  10. ~I have not wanted to get them framed because we move often. Thought I'd wait until we're done with the moves. But now, I am starting to think...
  11. The frames should be included with those education costs 😉