I've been away from @list for a bit. Miss it terribly!
  1. When we moved to MD last year I began applying for one job per week
  2. Almost one year later, I still had NOT even received any offers or callbacks
  3. I have a BA in something most people recommended I avoid getting my degree in
    English Literature and Cultural Studies
  4. I have always known I want to teach, but never could decide at what level
    I took all of my electives in Education courses, but I LOVE, ADORE and WANTED my degree in English Literature. That is what I wanted to study. So I did.
  5. And then in June, I got a really good job
    It has nothing to do with my degree, but I love the work.
  6. And then in July, I got another really good job
    Substitute teaching, which is so exciting because I will get exposure to so many grade levels. I was even offered a long-term sub position, which I could not accept unfortunately because...
  7. Then in August, driving on my way back home to FL for vacation, I got ANOTHER job offer
  8. The most amazing offer I did not even expect to ever get (although thankfully I had the good sense to apply for just in case)
  9. Adjunct English Professor
    Yes, I know adjunct positions are horrible pay, etc., however, for me this is the opportunity of this part of my lifetime.
  10. I had to literally fly back home, and then fly back to our vacation, just to go for the interview
    That is a crazy story on its own.
  11. I was offered three sections of two courses: Composition and Rhetoric, and Business and Technical Writing
    Comp is a 1st year course, but the Business and Tech Writing course is a 2nd year course!
  12. My transcripts, interview, and recommendations were so excellent I will be teaching college-level courses with a BA
    I am a modest person, but I can readily admit I am proud of that.
  13. I will miss being on here reading and keeping up with everyone's lists as often as before... but I know you all understand 💜