She's my favorite person. And today is her birthday.
  1. One
    Quiet, eats often, loves to listen to music, swing, and play with instruments.
  2. Two
    Quiet, eats often, loves to sing. She sings entire songs from the radio, counts to ten in four languages, and follows me everywhere.
  3. Three
    Quiet, eats often, and loves to look at books. She prefers books and music over anything else. Except me. I'm still her favorite everything.
  4. Four
    Quiet, eats often, starts preschool. She loves learning and music. This year she learns to read, and swing by herself. She didn't even tell me bye when she walked away from me and into her preschool classroom.
  5. Five
    Quiet, eats often, begins elementary school at a Magnet school for the Arts. She studies major artists and makes a portfolio of her own work inspired by theirs. I take her to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and her eyes barely seem to blink as she examines firsthand the works of the artists she has been studying.
  6. Six
    Quiet, eats often, adapts well. Loses her grandparents during this year, is never quite the same. Wins the award for most hours of reading out of her ENTIRE school. After learning she's going to have a baby brother she declares she will be the best big sister ever.
  7. Seven
    Quiet, eats often, reads constantly. This is the year she begins to devour books as if her life depends on it. She begins to love movies and music more than ever and performs in musical theater. She has to slouch to be shorter than her teacher.
  8. Eight
    Quiet, eats often, has the birthday party of the year. Kids will talk about her party for two years after. Life becomes books, music, movies, and playing with her little brother. Take her to see Matilda on Broadway and she pockets the streamers that hit the floor as if they're $100 bills.
  9. Nine
    Quiet, eats often, starts taking MMA classes. Begins listening to more music than I do in a day, and checking out more books from the library than I do in a month. Also begins to reveal an aptitude in sarcasm.
  10. Ten
    Quiet, eats often, spends most of the year without me and survives. Her sense of humor becomes the highlight of my days. She goes on to finish elementary school with a perfect grade point average.
  11. 11
    Quiet, eats when prompted, spends all of her time texting, reading, listening to music. Finds hilarious LOTR memes to use as her wallpaper. Makes me proud with her growing interest in diverse books and music. Starts wearing the same shoe size as me. HATES loading the dishwasher.
  12. 12
    The day just started. But I know this: she's quiet, she loves books, music, and movies. She has the best grades. She makes the best choices. She makes me proud every second. And before the day is done she will have ingested too much sugar and said something witty.
  13. 13
    And now...she's a witty, smart, sarcastic, beautiful TEENAGER!! 😳 Who never wants to eat 😑
  14. 🖤