Recently went to Chicago for BookCon.
  1. Disappointment from Shake Shack
    Ugh 😒
  2. The Bean AKA Cloud Gate
    It took forever to get the shot I wanted, with the skyline in reflection, without people milling about too much underneath.
  3. Maggie Daley park
    Specifically every space in the Play Garden
  4. Enjoying a Nest Swing
    and the stars (at Maggie Daley)
  5. Wrigley Field
    Cubs vs Pirates
  6. Nachos
    I would say I shared them but I tell no lies.
  7. This face at Wrigley Field
    I got her to watch a ball game, and wear a hat!!!! 😳
  8. While crossing the Pedestrian Bridge
  9. Discovering I have corrupted a child
    She slid down it 😕 although she doesn't weigh enough to really slide well so it wasn't so much fun (her excuse for if she were caught: I saw other people doing it so I thought that meant it's okay).
  10. The Buckingham Fountain
    During the light and water show
  11. A favorite author
    I respect this man so much; Sherman Alexie
  12. Another favorite author
    With fabulous hair; Laini Taylor
  13. And this author
    who turned out to be quite handsome apparently; Pierce Brown
  14. The BookCon haul shot
    The rest of the totes and books are cut off; tote life
  15. The Chicago Public Library
    Lovely branch
  16. This best pasta salad I've ever had
    From Eataly
  17. Again, this face
    Sorry @eetak for spreading your face all over 😜
  18. This picture taken on the way to Chicago
    Wind farm around Fowler, IN. One of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen...miles and miles.