There are too many to name; I thought about it and realized it could take forever. So I gave myself 30mins to get down the first songs that came to mind and then went back and added who sung it 😕 Not in ranking order:
  1. Treat Me Like Your Mother
    The Dead Weather
  2. We Are Sex Bob-Omb
    Sex Bob-Omb
  3. Pimpin'; Still Fly
    Big Tymers
  4. Stoop; 28 Butts; The World Should Revolve Around Me; Liked You Better
    Little Jackie
  5. Cut Me Some Slack
    Vocals: Paul McCartney
  6. A Dustland Fairytale; Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf; All These Things That I Have Done
    The Killers
  7. Best of You; I Should Have Known
    Foo Fighters
  8. Breathe me; Elastic heart
  9. Whiskey and You
    Chris Stapleton
  10. Walkin' After Midnight
    Patsy Cline
  11. Shake Me Like A Monkey
    Dave Matthews Band
  12. Twedle Dee
    Lavern Baker
  13. Ten Cent Pistol; Black Mud
    The Black Keys
  14. Resistance
  15. Barton Hollow
    The Civil Wars
  16. Kingdom Come; Yellow
  17. Light Of The Morning; I Know What I am; Hollywood Bowl
    Band of Skulls
  18. Sharpest Lives; House of Wolves; Sleep; and many more
    My Chemical Romance
  19. High Jingo
    Art Pepper
  20. I'm Shipping Up To Boston
    Dropkick Murphys
  21. Nothing Else Matters
  22. Awnaw; Ballin' On Budget
    Nappy Roots
  23. Dream On
  24. Rapper's Delight
    Sugarhill Gang
  25. Flake; Banana Pancakes; Taylor
    Jack Johnson
  26. Dammit; Untitled
  27. Hurt; One Piece at a Time; Hardin Wouldn't Run
    Johnny Cash
  28. Never Is a Promise
    Fiona Apple
  29. Great DJ
    The Ting Tings
  30. The Devil Went Down to Georgia
    The Charlie Daniels Band
  31. Tainted Love
    Soft Cell
  32. Miss You
    Rolling Stones
  33. Bad Moon Rising
    John Fogerty
  34. Assorted songs (too many to list)
    Arctic Monkeys
  35. All I Want For Christmas Is You
    Mariah Carey
  36. Thanks For The Memories
    Fall Out Boy
  37. Thanks for going full on bastard and making me judge myself by my choices @nathanveshecco 😁