Inspired by @andersun, @BWN_7, et al. I have a thing about numbers, so, minor adjustment. Starting in order from when I was 14...since that's when I started paying taxes 😝
  1. Renaissance Festival cashier
    I did this job every time they came through town, which was once a year, for four years. And yes, I had to dress and act from the time period. 🎭
  2. Sunshine 🌞 Car Wash—front end dryer (side after it comes out of the wash). Still the best car wash in Clearwater, FL.
    This is still some of the best times I've ever had working. I got too tan, and will regret that sun exposure one day, but it was great. I can still dry a whole car, properly, in under three minutes. 😃
  3. Sunshine 🌞 Car Wash—inside back windows
    Meh. I was climbing the ladder. Kinda sucked when it was a limo though. 😒
  4. Sunshine 🌞 Car Wash—inside front windows
    Big step up. Not only am I allowed in the front seat, I am trusted enough to wipe down: the dash, steering wheel, console, and, rearview mirror. Plus, this is when I start leading, training, and giving directions.👌
  5. Sunshine 🌞 Car Wash—detailer
    Huge deal. Only teenaged detailer since they had opened (over a decade) and for six years after I left. 🙌
  6. Hospital data entry clerk
    Sucked. This job sucked. It made me hate typing. I was planning to go to college to get my English degree and this job was making me hate typing...bad career move. I quit after only about three months 😔
  7. Laser Eclipse (we did not have titles)
    I did it all. The intro spiel on how to play; picking and putting on the music; walking around to maintain order, ensure everyone's stuff is working/fix it if needed, and scare people when you step out of a corner; refreshment counter; rock wall; cashier. Favorite things about this job were that I know secrets about how to win laser tag, and I was introduced to my future husband while working here 😊
  8. Blockbuster Video—CSR
    I did everything here too. Including going all the way up into part-time management eventually. This will always be my favorite job ever. I have always loved movies, so it was a perfect fit. Many memorable moments, and great times and discussions. 📼💿
  9. Out of the five different places I worked listed here, only one is still in business—the car wash 🌞