Inspired by @BWN_7 @gwcoffey and lots of other dudes. Women can have a Mantourage too though, right? 😏
  1. Sherman Alexie
    One of my favorite authors, and one of the best in the past century. His work, and the causes he supports are very important for Native American culture.
  2. Seth Rogen
    Would love to discuss Alzheimer's legislation with him and his wife. Also, sense of humor, seems like a nice guy.
  3. Patrick Ness
    Great author, especially for YAs. Deals with deep, resonating themes and explores the human psyche without sounding pretentious. Have met him, and he is very quick witted and kind.
  4. Alan Tudyk
    One of my own first favorite comedic actors. Could simply talk to him about Firefly and Death at a Funeral, everyday.
  5. Dave Grohl
    I am pretty sure I love everything about him; even though I don't actually know him. One of the best entertainers I've seen, which is why I need him in my Mantourage. I've seen the Foo Fighters in person many times, his generosity with fans is undeniable.
  6. Stephen King
    I'd want to get more information and advice similar to what he gives in On Writing, and he'd be great to talk movies with. Miss his Entertainment Weekly articles so much.
  7. Dr. Lachlan Whalen
    My favorite English professor in college. I learned more about reading, writing, and history in his classes than in my entire time in grades K-12. Without him, I would not be where I am today. Would love to have his guidance all the time.
  8. Bill Nye
    He's the science guy, no more explanation is necessary.
  9. I didn't notice my Neil Gaiman entry wasn't on here.
    Because Neil Gaiman. One of my favorite authors and writers of all time.