1. Key West, FL
    The oysters and shrimp (bigger than anywhere else I've been so far); chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick; chilled out vibe; sound of rain on a tin roof; Baby's coffee- Hemingway blend.
  2. Staten Island, NY
    Bagels; Rolls with butter; well-appointed bodegas; breakfast sandwiches with salt, pepper, ketchup; good coffee to go from anywhere; urban setting; the Midland Boardwalk; the Children's museum; the Ferry; the attitude of the people.
  3. LBI, New Jersey (the surrounding areas)
    Pizza; subs; Italian delis; diners; breakfast sausage links; regulated beaches; Jefreeze's ice cream; no wait at the movie theater.
  4. St Pete, FL (and surrounding areas)
    Diverse beaches; boat ramps; mom and pop restaurants; Greek, Vietnamese, and Thai restaurants; thrift stores; flea markets; yard sales; older people; parks; museums; the entirety of the downtown St Pete scene (small businesses, museums, workshops, breweries, pubs, etc.); Saturday Morning Market (huge, diverse Farmer's Market); cruising down the strip (Gulf Blvd.- runs down next to the coast from northernmost to southernmost beaches).