She does kid stuff, but she's progressively acting more grown up
  1. She still collects gift bows
    She told everyone to think of her as a non-profit and donate all of the bows from their presents to her.
  2. She still eats candy off the floor
    She got down with us, yet only looked around. Answer she gave for not picking up: perimeter search. She found some under the couch and ate them.
  3. Her shoes are two shades of green
    She wears women's size 10 shoes. In minty and neon green.
  4. She still chooses to paint her nails in alternating colors
    In shades most adults avoid. And she cannot paint her own nails.
  5. She watches and reads complex material for her age, and understands their themes
    She still covers her eyes and ears when there's kissing in movies.