Realistically... they are bullshit.
  1. Frosted Flakes
    3/4 cup. Not Gr•r•reat.
  2. Ice cream
    1/2 cup. Most people I know struggle to leave off it at half a pint.
  3. Bread
    1 slice. What the f*uck are you supposed to do with that?
  4. Butter
    1tbsp. Per piece of toast, right?
  5. Chicken breast
    3oz or 4oz. I prefer big breasts.
  6. Fish
    3oz or 4oz. Why tout its healthfulness and then recommend only eating about four bites?
  7. Nutella
    2tbsp. I don't even eat Nutella, but my kids would scoff at this amount.
  8. Cheese
    1.5 oz. I don't eat cheese either, but I've never seen anyone only eat two pairs of dice worth.
  9. Coffee
    1 cup. *Maniacal laugh* Does any coffee drinker, in America, exist that only drinks one cup?
  10. Popcorn
    3 cups. This would probably only get someone through the preview trailers before they ran out. And then this person would be loathed for getting up to get more, and that's not fair.