This list is not all-inclusive.
  1. Righty tighty, lefty loosey
  2. Difference between a phillips head and a straight screwdriver
  3. Quickest way to boil water
    By walking away until you hear it bubbling out all over the damn stove.
  4. How to parallel park
    My dad taught me before I even started Driver's Ed. He knew my GPA was important to me and said that'd be the hardest part.
  5. Laughter can fix, and heal, and join people in ways medicine cannot
  6. Caring and kindness for others is a priority
  7. Always save room for dessert
    Or, don't deny yourself a little even if you don't have any room left.
  8. When to say, please
  9. When to say, thank you
    Although they did not teach me to say, you're welcome.
  10. How to change a flat tire
    By yourself, because you're strong enough, before you waste the time on calling in help.
  11. How to save money
  12. Do not accumulate a bunch of stuff
    It is not worth the space, and cleaning; someone will simply have to get rid of it when you're gone.