Thanks for the request @nathanveshecco FYI, this is my first ranking list. Easy one too, since this will be short. Date and place I was when acquired included.
  1. Alli the Alligator
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    Desperately searched for a name for this guy. Underneath he is unibody styrofoam, which is why he doesn't have one of those smooshed bodies. Won him as 1st place from one of those games where you use the squirt gun to aim and get the thing to the top first. 1990 Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven, FL.
  2. Mr. Honeybear
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    Bought this guy for the first boy I ever liked. Realized I'd rather not give a boy anything. As in, I don't want you to misinterpret my giving you this bear as: I am willing to give you things (I'm sure you can assume what the things may have been). 1995 Largo, FL.
  3. Maggie (Hippo from Fantasia)
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    My daughter convinced my husband to buy this because: mommy doesn't have a stuffed animal, and she thinks this one is cute every time she brings me to the Disney Store, and she adores hippos. I named her Maggie in memory of my mom. My children waited about two hours before they took her to share (not with me). 2010 Key West, FL.
  4. Honorable mentions: Care Bears (2) and Pound Puppies (2)
    These were not actually given to me, but seeing as I was the only CHILD in the house, they should have been. Instead, they sat on the guest bed, in the guest room, and I was not permitted to touch them, snuggle them, move them...probably wasn't even supposed to look at them. Not that I'm sore about it or anything. 1985-1999 Largo, FL.