Inspired by @dad3 This took me too long.
  1. The movie: The Princess Bride
    A perfect classic. I never tire of this movie.
  2. The book: The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe
    Variety, and I adore all of the material. It will never not have something I want to read. Otherwise I would have picked my Sandman Omnibus, but alas, it is broken into two volumes.
  3. The food: Soondubu stew
    I would never get tired of eating this; it's healthy, and it reminds me of myself: spicy, but good for you 😉
  4. The album: The Killers Live at The Royal Albert Hall
    I'm a sucker for a good live performance. I've seen this one and it was great, and that vibe even comes through on this recording. Plus, it has more songs, particularly that I love, than the Direct Hits album.
  5. The TV show: M•A•S•H
    I wish I was able to type that how it should be but whatever. Quintessential show to me, which also provides me with some nostalgia—and that's why I picked it. There are many other shows I love more, but I can't hear the theme song without thinking of my parents and going to bed every night growing up with the song as my lullaby. Can't beat that feeling.
  6. The complete outfit to wear: comfy t-shirt that says something snarky (probably the one with the picture of the typewriter that says TAP THAT under the picture) my 1969 jeggings, my champagne havianas, and my USF fitted cap (alma mater FTW).
  7. The car: my 1996 Honda Civic EX coupe.
    I will never stop pining after this car. It was perfect. I still wish I never had to give it up and miss it dearly.
  8. The piece of art to enjoy: first picture my daughter drew to give to just me.
    She always drew things on her easel, or colored pictures or painted pictures by number, but they were always for me and daddy. This she drew as a 3yo when they made things in her part-time preschool class to give their moms on Mother's Day. It was in this whole series of: things I love that my mom can do.