Thank you for the LR @TT
  1. The guy failing to park his Smart car into an empty parking space at Target
    Literally. He backed up four times and tried so diligently. Then he gave up and left. HE COULD NOT PARK A SMART CAR IN A REGULAR PARKING SPOT 😂 We all stood by and gawked. Maybe I should feel bad about that, but...
  2. My 4yo
    He is currently insisting on wearing his new hat all the time. It was interfering when he needed to brush his teeth. Instead of taking it off he kicked it to the side and said: yup, that's how I roll!
  3. An episode of Workaholics my husband was watching
    Episode 504 in which @Ders808 feuds with the Coast Guard. All made funnier by the fact my husband is in the Coast Guard, yet was still dying laughing cause he loves the show no matter what.
  4. My friend @inmediasrays trying to make a joke
    He was texting it to me and autocorrect screwed the whole thing up for him, which of course made the moment LOL funny.
  5. The list and reaction of @BWN_7 (to the reaction of @eetak) regarding a list I requested from him
    I am trying to figure out how to get my family to swim in a lake because we are currently not living by an ocean for the first time ever. My husband refuses. I hope if I can get him in the rest will follow. I will likely have to resort to using force. How to Get Someone Afraid of Swimming in a Lake to Swim in a Lake