Specialm and the 88's present...
    First long word I learned how to spell.
  2. She's My Eeyore But I Love Her
    Ode to my angsty daughter.
  3. Singing Out Loud With My Headphones On
    Whenever I want to, wherever I may be.
  4. He's Driving Me Crazy
    Ode to my 4yo son.
  5. I Wanna Wanna Wanna
    Eat some peanut M&Ms.
  6. He Always Wakes Up Wanting Me
    So I'm told.
  7. I'll Regret It In The Morning
    If I eat ice cream tonight.
  8. Lucky #7 Isn't Mine
    #8 is.
  9. It Meant "Number" Before You Called It "Hashtag"
  10. (Bonus track) I'm Trying To Do My Taxes But He Won't Leave Me Be
    Again, ode to my 4yo.
  11. (Hidden track) If You Try To
    I'll fucking beat the shit out of you 💩