@list has a particular etiquette that is used, which I do not use anywhere else.
  1. Use emojis
    Especially this damn one: 💜.
  2. Use GIFs
    I am the kind of person that scrolls before they begin—on every other platform.
  3. Share my feelings
    I never do that IRL.
  4. Utilize abbreviations such as: IRL
    Although I still refuse for life to ever use: LOL. (I cannot explain why).
  5. Ignore, misuse, or not use punctuation
    Does anyone understand how hard it is for a person holding an English degree to forgo a period!?! The struggle is real.
  6. Embrace contractions
    I do not care for them, but it is happening more and more. My expletive grammar mug is my favorite explanation of why I hate contractions, which is that some people cannot use grammar properly and contractions are their biggest problem. (i.e. the missing apostrophe in the bear GIF above).