1. I can say whatever I want.
    As long as it has been proofread and edited for any grammatical or spelling errors.
  2. It will sound better if I write it down, edit it, wait a bit, and then read it back to you after I have reread it out loud, than if I just allow the words to fall out of my mouth.
    Did you notice how long that sentence was? I am more concise when I can write it down and edit it.
  3. I can daydream as long as I want; it's very productive work.
    You don't spend time daydreaming everyday? Well, I guess that's why I have all the ideas.
  4. I have a plethora of words in my vocabulary.
    Case in point: plethora.
  5. I can spell words correctly without using spell check.
    Of course I still always use spell check. I'm a writer, not an idiot.
  6. After I tell you I am a writer you'll begin judging me based on your own prejudices against English teachers, people who stay at home and still make money, famous authors who made money off of "your idea"...
    This bullet could be the title of an entire new list.
  7. I know how to properly utilize the following devices: punctuation marks; quotation marks; semicolons; em dashes; commas, including the serial and the Oxford; hyphens; colons; ellipses...
    The list can go on and on...
  8. I'm better than non-writers.
    Not really, but as a writer, I can say whatever I want.