I won't box it in by recommending only books, that's a problem with getting people reading in my opinion—they don't realize what all is truly out there. (*side note: this is my first list published with the draft folder)
  1. Cookbooks/Recipes
    Also, cooking lists. @eatthelove has some great ones. Here's a perfect choice to 💾 50 Fast and/or Easy Weeknight Meals And @gabimoskowitz has great ones too, like this easy sheet pan recipe: 3-Sheet-Pan Dinner
  2. User manuals
    Specifically the one to your vehicle(s) and child safety seats (if you have any). Small appliance ones have information and tips that should not be overlooked.
  3. Road Atlas
    Explore without going anywhere. Find one from an older year and compare it to the newest one. Keep track or show routes you've taken. Plan a trip you'll go on. Plan a trip you'll never take.
  4. The booklet that accompanies prescription medicines
    Many people don't know you shouldn't lie down for 30mins after some medicines. Read them every single time. If it's a medicine you take regularly you are likely to become complacent. Reading this once a month won't take too much. I forgot one of the main symptoms of a medication I was taking regularly once, and didn't recognize what the problem was until much too late.
  5. Poetry
  6. Comics
  7. Graphic novels
  8. The papers sent home with your kids
    If you have any 😉
  9. Young adult
  10. Romance
  11. Historical fiction
  12. Biography
    They're not all serious. They're not all only about figureheads.
  13. Memoirs
  14. Navagation charts
    www.noaa.gov Truly, some beautiful and interesting stuff.
  15. Magazines
    Every single one across every single category will actually have something you didn't know and it won't hurt you to learn.
  16. Album booklets (album art)
  17. Children's literature
  18. Travel guides
    I have found so many useful tips in these. For example, on a trip to Disney I learned how to hack the thermostat in the hotel room because they are motion-activated. Nothing worse than waking up hot as hell in the middle of the night 😒
  19. Entertainment guides
  20. Astronomy charts
  21. The fine print on anything you are signing or agreeing to
  22. Needless to say, it doesn't have to be a book or what is considered "normal" forms of literature. Words are words, pictures are pictures, reading is reading.
    Even if you're listening to written word on audio 😊