Sorry it took me so long @dad3
  1. I was 13, and the proclaimed "genius" of our youth group 😕
  2. I have always been unfortunate enough to be a very sweaty person
  3. I have compensated by fervently applying too much deodorant all my life
    I don't mind if it kills me.
  4. Every week before our youth group meeting we had an hour of free play in the gym
  5. I have never passed up playing sports
  6. I have, however, once forgot to wear deodorant before playing sports
  7. I liked a guy in my youth group and we had been chatting more each week
  8. After our basketball game I went into the bathroom to freshen up and discovered I did not smell...fresh
  9. Then I realized I didn't remember putting any deodorant on that AM after I showered and shaved
  10. Then I freaked out
  11. Then I came up with a plan
  12. I went into our youth pastor's office with the intent to spray on some of his cologne
  13. Smelling like a man's cologne would be better than smelling like a man's sweaty underarms
  14. Instead, I found a roll-on of some of the strongest smelling stuff I have ever smelled
  15. I was so panicked about the boy and the smelling that I went with the super smelly stuff
  16. I thought: Of course a dude's deodorant smells stronger than a chick's; glad I found this, problem solved
  17. You are waiting for me to tell you have guessed correctly... it was not deordorant
  18. My youth pastor had a bum knee
  19. It was IcyHot 😶
    This is a menthol based pain relief cream.
  20. I applied it generously to my armpits
  21. Yeah. Let your brain go all those places at this revelation. They're all true and I guarantee you it hurt worse than you're imagining 😐
  22. The IcyHot slogan is: "icy to dull the pain, hot to relax it away"
    "IcyHot stimulates nerve receptors, causing the user to first feel cool, and then feel heat". This GIF is more accurate to the feeling when you apply it places it doesn't belong.
  23. That's not true when you put that shit on your freshly shaved armpits
  24. Just FYI
  25. In hindsight, I realize I never smelt that bad, and as long as I didn't raise my arms no one would have likely noticed
  26. (Stop laughing so hard @eetak 😏)