Any time outdoors between sunrise and twilight I wear sunglasses.
  1. I suffer temporary blindness
  2. I risk the lives of whoever I am transporting in my car
  3. I feel wrinkles forming around my eyes from squinting so hard
  4. I berate myself for my forgetfulness
    Until I forget what I am berating myself about.
  5. I use the spare pair I left in the car 😎
    If I am lucky enough to remember to leave them there.
  6. I act cranky as fu*k
  7. I measure the distance and time to return home and get them
    Then send my daughter in to retrieve them because I am too blinded to safely walk about.
  8. I have my daughter lead me so I can walk with my eyes closed
  9. I wear my son's TMNT sunglasses
    He ALWAYS remembers to leave his in the car 😒